About Vizslas


Vizslas are very friendly, affectionate, loyal dogs that make wonderful family pets and hunting dogs. They need to be treated like a member of the family, preferring to sleep inside and being close to their people. Most Vizslas are lap dogs - with males weighing 55 to 65 pounds and females 45 to 55 pounds - be prepared! They do not make good "kennel" dogs. They should be active, but not hyper. They require daily exercise and will get into mischief if bored. Vizslas are very easy to train, being both intelligent and eager to please. They are sensitive and should not be severely disciplined, but are not "soft." Vizslas love warmth and are frequently found basking in the sun.

Vizslas are outstanding hunters and will both point and retrieve. They have very sensitive noses, good eyesight and a natural enthusiasm for the hunt. It's fantastic to watch a Vizsla lock up on point - it's hard to find words to express their grace, beauty and intensity. Field trials are a large part of most Vizsla club's activity schedules. Although Vizslas are primarily known for their skill in hunting upland game birds such as pheasant, quail and grouse, they are also used for hunting waterfowl and even small fur animals. Most Vizslas are strong swimmers and should be introduced to water when they're young.


Vizslas have beautiful, soft, rust-colored coats that require very little maintenance. They do shed, which especially shows up against black clothes. They're clean dogs and have very little odor. There is a wirehaired Vizsla, more common in Europe, but rare in the United States and not recognized by the AKC.

Vizslas are commonly known by their owners as "velcro-dogs". They are very touch-oriented and prefer to be in contact with their people at all times. They will accompany their people everywhere, including into the bathroom and shower. If you do not appreciate constant canine companionship, the Vizsla is not the dog for you.

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